Bronze Set $65 (40 lashes, 20 lashes per eye)

Introductory set, allowing the client to have a look and feel for what its like to wear lash extensions 30 min.

Silver Set $95 (70 lashes, 35 lashes per eye)

Our natural look, Perfect balance of volume and length 1hr 15min.

Gold Set $135 (up to 120 lashes, 55-60 lashes per eye)

Pump up the Volume and Glam up your lashes with our gold set!! 1hr 45min.

Platinum Set $175 (90-100 lashes per eye)

Dramatic fully loaded set of lashes! Have an extension applied to every lash of your own. This is the most desired set 2hr-2.5hrs.

Upgrade any Silver to Platinum set of lashes with FAUX MINK (premium silk lashes) add $25, Faux Minks are softer and lighter to the touch as well as more flexible.

100% Authentic Siberian Mink Fur Lash Set 120 lashes per eye $250.00

RE-LASH 60-75 min

At Eye Candy we don't just "fill in the gaps," you walk out with a nice full set as you did from your first visit.

Must come for your Re-Lash appointment no later than a 3 week period.

2 week fill $45
3 week fill $60
Removal with Fresh new Lash Set application $10
Removal $25

Eye Candy Brows & Lash Tinting

Brow Shape $15
Brow Tint $20
Brow Package (brow shape & tint) $30
Lash Tint $25 receive hand and arm massage

Beautiful Eyes Package $50

Brow shape with brow and lash tint, hand and arm massage

Waxing & Body Sugaring

  • $60 — Brazilian ( First Time ) * FREE THONG with every Brazilian Wax
  • $40 — Maintenance
  • $25 — Bikini
  • $15 — Underarm
  • $35 — Half Leg
  • $48 — Full Leg
  • $25 — Half Arm
  • $35 — Full Arm
  • $40 — Back

Tired of having to curl your lashes? Have lashes that point down and are super straight? Eye Candy Lash Lift service with lift your lashes, eliminating you having to curl your own lashes on a daily!

Lash Lift with lash tint $80

Lash extensions make a difference
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